What is an engine thermostat?

Simply, it is a valve. This valve controls engine temperature by opening and closing, to control the flow of water through the engine, in manner that matches the requirements of the engine at any given moment.
A controlled chemical reaction is used in place of electricity to actuate the thermostat.

What is the recommended timing for replacement of the thermostat?

Thermostats are indeed items that need after prolonged use. We recommend that you replace your thermostat every 2 years or every 32,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How does a defective thermostat affect your car?

If the thermostat does not open, it will cause the engine to overheat by not allowing cool water to flow around the engine.On the other hand, if the thermostat stays open, it will cause overcooling. Continued overheating and overcooling will cause significant damage to the engine. In the case of overcooling, it will inhibit the purification of exhaust gas.In addition, it will affect heater performance during the winter season.

What are the causes of thermostat failure?

All of our thermostats are manufactured by OEM’s.Therefore, you can expect the same quality standards for reliability and durability. The followings are the common factors that lead to engine or thermostats failure.
1. Using improper thermostat
2. Air is trapped due to poor design, leading to improper engine temperature
3. Engine temperature increases because of poor performance
4. Coolant deterioration or corrosion.
5. Other reasons

If you have a problem that you think may be caused by the thermostat, what should you do?

You can check it by simple checking. If the thermostat does not function properly, please ask the agency from which you bought it, and explain the result of the investigation to them.

Can you put an unauthorized thermostat in your car?

Thermostats have a variety of shapes and specifications, depending on the engine.Even if you can physically install it onto your engine, just a slight difference in specifications could mean big damage to your automobile. So, please choose the right thermostat for your car.

You may have seen products remarkably similar to ours. However, do they have the same quality as our thermostat?

The world is filed with aftermarket part manufacturers. But even if the product has similar shape, the durability and the reliability can be quite deferent. All of our products are made by OEM’s. This means that we can deliver to you a high quality superior product, and your car will have better performance and longer life as a result.

How do you get a proper thermostat for your car?

We sell our goods through designated agencies. Please refer to our website in order to learn more about our authorized agencies or inqire with local garages or retail shops.

Can you directly purchase Tama products?

Direct purchase is unavailable. Please inquire with local garages or retail shops.

Can you request a special order thermostat from TAMA?

We generally don’t handle special orders, as our products are based on an existing parts list.