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This web site has been opened and is administered by TAMA ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. The TAMA ENTERPRISES web site (hereinafter called “this site”) asks users to read carefully the following site policy. The site policy of this site may be revised without any prior notice at times when it becomes necessary to make improvements.

About links

Links to this site are in principle not allowed. In particular, the following links are not allowed under any circumstances.

・Links from a site which possibly defames businesses, services or the trust of TAMA ENTERPRISES.

・Links from a site offensive public order and morals.

・Links from a site which contains illegal contents, or was or might be involved in illegal activities.

・Links from a site where, with the use of frames or other tools, it becomes unclear that the contents belong to this site.

・Links from a site whose administrator or operator is unknown or which is run by a handle name or substitute name.

・Even where a link to this site does exist, if the linked site is run by an individual or organisation other than TAMA ENTERPRISES, then TAMA ENTERPRISES does not have a special relationship with that individual or organisation which runs the linked site in question, and TAMA ENTERPRISES in no way recommends the site.

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The copyright of texts, photographs, illustrations and other works (hereinafter collectively called “contents”) belongs to our company or the contents providers. When they are used for personal use, unless approved by the Copyright Law etc., these contents shall not be reproduced, replicated, sold or lent without the consent of TAMA ENTERPRISES. As to the contents provided by a contents provider, permission by the contents provider is required in order to make use of it. Even in a case where use is approved under the Copyright Law etc., problems may occur according to the purpose and method in which the contents are used.

About cookies

When a cookie is used in this site, the cookie sent from this site does not contain information which can identify any person. When you use this site, you can choose whether or not you wish to receive the cookie by setting the browser you are using; if you decide not to receive the cookie, you may be inconvenienced as part of contents will not be displayed.

About handling of personal information

When you make enquiries, you are asked to fill in your personal details. The personal information you sent is strictly managed in order to prevent its loss, alteration or leakage, and will only be accessible to an authorised person. Any personal information received is used to improve the services of TAMA ENTERPRISES, but will never be disclosed to those other than third parties whom you have specially approved. However, the personal information may be disclosed if a judicial body (courts etc) or administrative body (police etc.) requests it in accordance with proper procedures under law or regulations.

About the access history

Whenever and from wherever this site is used the information of such use will be recorded on the TAMA ENTERPRISES web server in the form of an access history (log), and the use of this information will in principle be limited to statistical and the analytical purposes and not for any other purposes. However when a public judicial body (courts etc.) or a public administrative body (police etc) requests information after proper procedures in accordance with laws and regulations have been followed, it may be disclosed. The access history may be checked when it is regarded as necessary such as in the case of illegal use of this site or any other form of illegality or breach of regulations.


Each item forming the contents of this site was posted after being carefully written and checked, but TAMA ENTERPRISES and the contents provider accept no responsibility in terms of its accuracy, suitability and integrity. Furthermore, TAMA ENTERPRISES and the contents provider accept no responsibility for any damages caused by reliance placed on any of the site’s information. The user shall use any information gained from this site according to their own judgement and responsibility. The responsibility for the information provided at any site which is linked from this site shall be taken by the administrator of the linking site, and TAMA ENTERPRISES and the contents providers to this site shall not take any such responsibility.